Melissa Lauren's Tight Little Ass Stretched Open


Melissa Lauren


Melissa Lauren shows up in an all-white outfit, looking like an angel who has fallen from heaven. She sweetly smiles at the camera, showing her dimples off. As she turns her back to the camera to show off her petite ass cheeks and white lacy panty, a hairy hand reaches out. He grabs and caresses her butt. From your point of view, it can be seen that Melissa has a piercing on her tongue.She kneels on the floor as she starts licking the tip of his big dick. She then sucks the tip of his penis before taking his full length member inside her pretty little mouth. She continues giving him blowjobs until his big cock is hard and ready to fuck. In your POV, Melissa is now lying on the bed. Her sex partner is somewhat teasing her as he positions his big hard cock at the entrance of her pussy. He slowly thrusts his dick inside her tight pussy as he grabs one of her big tits as she caresses the other. He fucks her in the missionary position and she loves it as she moans and shuts her eyes at his every thrust. She even raises both of her legs to give him more access to her pussy and for more pleasure. Melissa is now butt naked and on all fours on the bed. The man gently inserts his big hard dick, this time around into her butthole. As his whole length is inside her asshole, she grabs on the sheets and lightly moans. She loves it and is even hornier that she already is. He humps her asshole from behind in the doggy-style position. From your POV, the next scene cuts into the two porn stars fucking on the floor. Melissa is on top of the man with his big hard cock inside her asshole. She rode him hard in the cowgirl position until he reaches his peak. The man fucks Melissa Lauren in the mouth until he orgams. He releases his load into her mouth and she willingly swallows.


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