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Melissa Lauren

31 (10/16/1984)
Once aspired to do a transexual gangbang.

This beautiful blonde made her Chatsworth couch surfing career one of the most prolific for a Euro-born performer, tallying hundreds of scenes in a tireless campaign of dick draining and cum sampling. Melissa Lauren was the darling of every main gonzo studio at one time or another with her delicious looks and French accent that could make your dick hard all by itself.

Melissa showed she was truly French as her insatiable nature was palpable whenever on set, yearning for every cock presented to her unabashedly. Finding bliss in perversion, Melissa pleaded for as many anal & DP scenes as she could get before her time in front of the lens had come & gone. Bonjour Melissa!

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21:06 | 2017-01-10