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Fresh off of the beach and onto countless filthy couches in porno, Katin is a slice of Southern California stroke material. Her swollen tits and hot hips were perfect for all of the dirty work she could wrangle, taking on the nastiest of assignments from day one. Her short stint in XXX was saturated with anal, creampies, multiple swallows, facials, double penetrations, and legendary pileups with Mopes.

Katin never shied away from old losers or fat scumbags either, accepting them into her holes as readily as any top-flight porn stud, making all of her fans feel like they too could maybe one day be at the front of the line. Katin was also one of the sweetest gals to have on set w/her 'stoney' California vibe, and killer attitude.

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38:16 | 2016-08-15