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Katie St Ives

Katie St Ives is not just sexy as can be but also sweet. A pure heart lives in this woman. This all natural teen is a beauty to look at. With natural boobs and a bubble butt, her tiny frame makes everyone happy. A lover of sex in every way. Katie may seem sweet and innocent, but this teen will gargle jizz and fuck a line of men before blinking an eye. In addition to being a sex fiend, Katie will also make you breakfast after she drinks down the seed of you and all your friends. Truly a one of a kind woman. Katie St Ives is one of the smiley, happiest people ever. Her natural petite body and big sparkly eyes make her extremely enjoyable to be around. Her pure sexuality drives most men wild. She looks beautiful having sex because you can tell how much she loves it. This girl sucks cock with more vigor and enthusiasm than a crack head smokes crack.

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117 Photos, 24:20 | 2016-10-18