Tyla Wynn's Ass Fucked Open


Tyla Wynn


Sluts are pretty common. But sluts that have ‘super’ in front of it is rare. That’s exactly what Tyla Wynn is. She visits the guy to show what she got. She comes in the room like she got back from exploring with a monkey and a talking map. Her athletic attire with her big backpack is really deceiving because her little giggles and smiles is so far away from being innocent. And that backpack. It has a bunch of spicy outfits she can put on for the guy. She brings some of it out and the guy chooses and fades to black. When they get back, Tyla is already wearing he chose and is sitting in the bed answering some questions. She then slowly took all of it off and shows off her big tits and nice pussy. The guy asks for a head and she gladly did. Tyla kneels and starts licking the big dick from top to bottom, left to right. She went at it for while. She then goes to the bed, spread her legs and pussy open and invites the man to fuck her. He comes over and penetrates that pussy with an increasing force. Tyla gradually changes her position. She wants to show off her ass too so she bends over and take the dick again. It was a juicy ass that it took him a couple of minutes to get his fill. Now, Tyla has big tits. He proposes if he can fuck those tits and she said yes. He placed his dick between those tits and Tyla squeezes it. After a while, they resumed with her ass. Tyla goes on top this time. She went bouncing with her boobs and uses the dick as an anchor. His last moments after involves her lying on the bed and get his remaining strength make him cum. He jizzed all over mouth and made her swallow some of it. Tyla cleans the dick clean for the last time.


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