Shelby Belle Anal POV Slut


Shelby Belle


The camera’s focus is your point of view. Shelby Belle stands in front of the camera wearing a white and light blue top and denim jeans. She is inside the bedroom as she starts stripping her clothes off, one by one until all of them are on the floor. With only her accessories left on her body, Shelby heads out of the room and sexily strides on the hallway until she reaches the person behind the camera. The man’s big dick is already out and waiting for her to start playing with it. She hurriedly grabs his cock by the hand and starts licking its tip, teasing him. She looks directly into the camera as she slowly puts his full-length member inside her mouth, sucking it until it hardens. From giving him a blowjob, Shelby Belle puts his big hard cock in between her breasts. She squeezes her breasts until they are tightly wrapped around his penis. With his dick now hard and ready to fuck, Shelby and her sex partner go back to the bedroom, with her lying on the bed, stroking her clit. A big hard dick comes into view, slowly being inserted into her ass hole. Shelby loves anal sex that she becomes hornier as he fucks her ass hole in missionary position. Her partner decides to switch positions without pulling his cock out. He puts Shelby on all fours and humps her hard in doggy-style. She just loves hearing the sound of their skin slapping against each other with every hump. Shelby Belle and her partner transfer to the floor. He lies on the floor as she hops on top of him and gently guides his dick inside her butt hole. She rides him in the cowgirl position until he is about to orgasm and pulls out. As he orgasms, he releases his cum in Shelby’s mouth.


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