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The blonde girl named Shawnie sits on a bed inside a white-walled room and is making a lewd face in front of the camera. She’s barely wearing anything. Her skimpy dress cannot cover her exotic, beautiful and hot body. She turns around and lifted the hem of her clothes, showing her toned buttocks and letting the man holding the camera pinch and grope her ass. Shawnie completely removed her dress to show off the rest of her body. Her blonde hair frames her face in an angelic way and the curls look like promises of heavenly pleasures. Lacking physical attention, she lays down and touched her humongous tits in an attempt to generate pleasure. When a wild big dick appears Shawnie got up and immediately started sucking on the throbbing and heated organ. She lapped and sucked and licked with a little hint of teeth on the cock. The man moaned at the pleasant sensation and rocked his body forward. He pushed Shawnie on the bed and ran his hand down her body before lining up his cock to her pussy and slamming forward. In one swift thrust, he is now fully inside her. She moaned and squirmed around the sheets, trying to push her hips forward and get started on the fucking. What an impatient blonde vixen. He rammed his big dick down her wet cunt until he almost came, but held back and pulled out. Shawnie took his cock and wrapped her lips around it. She tasted herself. That only made her hornier than ever. Soon she mounted and straddled his hips. She positioned the cock at her cunt and sunk down on it. She moaned and swallowed her lewd scream as she sunk down on his cock over and over. They fucked some more and in various positions, moaning and whimpering, not really caring whether neighbors hear them or not. Finally, he came and cummed on her mouth. Shawnie, being a good girl and all, swallowed every drop of his cum.


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