Serena South Is Going To Make You Cum


Serena South


One hot guy shows his face on camera before turning the device around to show Serena South as she walks inside the house. He is dressed simply wearing a white T-shirt and light-colored denim jeans. Serena, on the other hand, is wearing a black printed spaghetti-strapped top under a black blazer. She completes her outfit with black pants. Serena strides into the master’s bedroom stripping her clothes off, one after another. The moment she reaches the edge of the bed, she only has her top and pink panties on. The hot guy helps him completely take everything off. She shyly smiles in front of the camera knowing that she is already naked. She even tries to cover her small tits. A few moments later, shy Serena is no longer the timid girl that she was earlier. She hurriedly walks over to the guy behind the camera. The man sits comfortably on the sofa, his dick waiting for her. Serena kneels down on the floor and without any warning, takes his full-length member inside her mouth, ignoring the fact that she may choke on it. She then puts his big cock in between her breasts. She titty-fucks his dick until it hardens. The man is now ready to fuck. From your point of view, Serena now lies on the bed as her sex partner is slowly thrusts his big hard cock inside her pussy fucking her while he's standing on the edge of the bed. The two then switch positions and begin having sex in doggy-style, her tattoo is exposed. Serena and her sex partner are now on the floor. She is on top of him riding his big hard cock in cowgirl position. Feeling his dick throbbing, Serena stops and pulls out. The man stands while she kneels and gives him a blowjob until he orgasms. He released his warm juices all over Serena South’s face.


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