Sable Simms Petite Tight Pussy Love Machine


Sable Simms


Sable Simms looks too cute, from your point of view, checking out several pairs of sexy lingerie as she comfortably sits on the bed. She is still fully-clothed though in a black long-sleeved top and denim jeans. She then removes her clothes and puts on her chosen lingerie, one that comes in gray. It accentuates her natural skin color, making her more attractive than she already is. Sable now lies on the bed. She smiles at the camera, her perfectly white teeth are shown. As the camera pans down and changes focus, it can be seen that she is already touching herself. She begins masturbating. In your POV, her fingers are rubbing and pinching her clit. She the insert three fingers inside her wet and tight pussy. The next scene cuts into Sable sucking a big cock as she stares into the camera. She kneels on the floor as she gives him blowjobs until his cock is hard and ready for some action. She now lies on the bed, pushing her panties aside as a big hard cock is thrusted inside her wet and tight pussy. She moans loudly the moment that his full length member is inside her. The man pulls out and takes off all of her clothes. Sable, from your POV, is now lying naked on the bed. Her legs are spread widely as he enters her pussy. He fucks her in the missionary position until they decide to move and switch sex positions. The two are now on the floor with her riding his dick in the cowgirl position. Sable then climbs back to the bed and is on all fours. Her sex partner slowly thrusts his big hard cock inside her wet and tight pussy. Both loved the feeling of her pussy opening up and adjusting to his size. The man fucks Sable Simms in the mouth until he orgasms. He releases his warm cum all over her face.


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