Jodi Taylor Redhead Anal POV


Jodi Taylor


Loving big cocks comes with a price. A huge load of it. Jodi Taylor comes in to have some fuck. Not the ordinary fuck— she wants the kind of it that makes her come hard and make her forget anything else. Good thing she went to the right place to have that hunger satisfied. To make this even better, this slut will be documented on getting fucked in POV. She was just waiting there in her sexy outfit, talking about something that wouldn’t matter when the clothes are off. Jodi makes a little tease to make this a little fun for both of them. The tease turns to strip tease after a while. Jodi slowly makes a show to slowly reveal her nice tits, ass and pussy. Mr. Camera makes a little touchy-touchy to further investigate this slut’s assets. It took a while for Jodi to take it all off but it was all worth it. She bends over and offers her holes for some good pounding. Our guy makes a good fucking from behind for a bit before sitting down and making her lick and suck his dick. Jodi does an extra mile on the blowjob department. She went beyond— Jodi not only took care of his dick, she also made sure his nuts are wet and nice. After that, she bends over on the couch again and asks the man to fuck her again but harder this time. He complied and went at it for a while. Mr. Camera now lies down on the couch and gave her a choice to go on top. Jodi followed suit and had that fat dick to fuck her from below. Eventually, Jodi wanted another taste of that dick with her mouth, so she paused from the fucking and go ahead and helped herself for some dick in her mouth. The man now is ready to cum. He asked Jodi to lie down and he went ahead until he was ready to cum. When it was time, he delivered his cum into Jodi’s mouth.


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