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Mya Lushes


Ebony supermodel Mya Lushes sits comfortably on the couch. She is wearing a pink floral blouse and tight denim shorts. She struts sexily on the backyard. Her busty tits and thick ass become more apparent with her every step. She smiles widely at the camera while having a conversation with the guy behind it. Because it is too hot outside, the couple decided to go back inside the house. Mya sits on the couch with her legs spread apart. She pulled up her blouse, revealing her huge tits. She played with it using both her hands. One hand is not enough to fully grasp how big her breasts are. She completely removes her blouse and boasts her big tits. She firmly presses them together and wriggles it. Mya pulls down her short and shows her thick ass and shaved pussy. Her breasts are big enough for her to suck her nipples. She uses them to titty-fucked his big white cock. Her playful mouth and lips tease his cock roughly. She kisses, licks and sucks his cock like it was a sweet lollipop. He stuffs his hard cock to her wet pussy. The dark complexion of her skin highlights the white cock that is pounding her hard. Every thrust makes her boobs bounce wildly. They fucked in a missionary position for a while before changing to a reverse cowgirl. Mya rode his dick hard. Her boobs continue to bounce violently with every thrust. They go back to the missionary position before opting for the doggystyle. Her thick ass twerks madly as he pounds her pussy. Mya bends down to let her ass pop out. When he is about to cum, he pulled out his dick from her wet pussy. He let her titty-fuck him once again. Mya spits and licks his dick while stroking it with her huge tits. He can’t stop himself anymore so he lets out all his cum while Mya is still stroking his dick with her boobs. The two shake their hands. With one last smile to the camera, Mya bids her farewell.


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