Lela Star's Slutty Teen Bubble Butt


Lela Star


Bubble butt. Such a magical thing. Just thinking about this can get some attention and interest from men. If you don’t know what we’re talking about, we have a demonstration here today with the help with this Latina teen, Lela Star. Good thing 2009 hasn’t called yet to get back their fashion choices because her looks are quite exquisite. This fine piece of specimen has the perfect tits and great ass to take some POV fucking. Lela is not scared to take things quite aggressively. At the start, she went straight to the fat dick business and starts licking it from top to bottom. Lela has the perfect pair of tits to give a good titty fucking. But that would be later on in this scene. First, the man gets his dick to penetrate that shaved pussy to have a taste. As Lela lies on her back, the man’s dick just starts doing his own thing. Fucking that teen pussy to the heavens is the primary goal. Her big tits just jumps around to give an amazing view. Good thing they decided to do this in POV. It captures all the action on Lela’s beautiful body. While being fucked hard, of course. Once comfortable, Lela voluntarily just flips herself around to get the dick hit her different spots. She might have a dire need to get the dick the spots she can’t reach herself. Sometimes, we feel that these women only use the actors just to finish the job that’s like 20% of it all. Quite unfair but we can’t really do something about it. Everything is done and said. The man is nearing his end. He decided to get his climax be properly escorted out by using Lela’s tits to jack off the fat dick and eliminate all of his cum into her mouth.


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