Laura Lion PAWG Who Loves It In The Ass


Laura Lion


The moment the scene open, Laura Lion, with her long black curls, smiles shyly at the camera. She looks like an angel who isn’t going to turn bad anytime soon. But from your POV, the moment the camera focuses on her clothes, she starts stripping off. She almost gets rid of everything leaving only her lacy underwear. Laura now stands in front of the camera, showing off her big tits and hardened nipples. She is ready to fuck. She smiles as if saying, watch me closely. She pushes her boobs up using her hands, bringing them to her mouth. She licks and kisses them, turning them on even more. The next scene cuts into Laura now kneeling on the carpeted wooden floor. She takes a man’s full length member into her mouth, ignoring the fact that she might choke on his size. She suddenly stops and places his cock in between her big tits, squeezing them hard. She takes his dick back to her mouth and sucks it until it is hard and ready to fuck. In your POV, it can be seen that Laura and her sex partner is now fucking on the floor in the cowgirl position with his big hard cock inside her tight ass hole. The two transfer to the couch and he continues fucking her butt hole in the missionary. She adds more pleasure to their sexy time as she rubs and pinches her clit and at the same time, caresses her breasts and nipples until they are fucking hard. Laura, in the next scene, is now on all fours waiting to be fucked. The man gently thrusts his big hard cock into her tight butt hole fucking her in the doggy-style position. They switch sex positions again, fucking in the missionary position until he peaks. The man fucks Laura Lion in the mouth until he orgasms


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