Keri Sable The Prettiest Anal Whore Porn Has Ever Seen


Keri Sable


She was dubbed as one of the hottest chick at the time. Being blonde with a slender body says a lot of that on top of being open to do anything. She has the attitude and looks for this. Her name is Keri Sable. Keri is ready to prove this by being featured in POV fuck session. She started this with guns already blazing. She does a strip tease and gradually taking her top off. But amidst of all of it, she had the time to rub her pussy off over her panties. She noticed that the man behind the camera is already hot, hard and bothered so she comes over starts sucking him clean. She dedicated a good number of minutes to take care of him. She knows that it’s not enough and she can do more. So she bends over on the bed and shows her shaved pussy to show what she mean. She lies down, spread her legs and await that fat cock to enter her. He shifts that piece of clothing to reveal the pussy and starts pounding it with an increasing intensity. This doesn’t last long because they decided to change their orientation. After sucking that dick again, she now bends over on the floor and shows that nice ass off hers. The guy continues to fuck that pussy nicely. Some of you might think that this is it Keri goes for the next dick riding but this time, she uses her asshole for the act. She did most of the work here as she bounced her butt on that dick. He appreciate the effort but he eventually bent Keri over and starts doing it the rest of the time. On the final act, she lies on her back to get it done. When he’s ready to cum, he showered Keri his cum all over her mouth and made her swallow most of it.


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