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Katsuni Makes You Fall In Love Then Swallows Your Cum

Katsuni awkwardly smiles in front of the camera before showing off her off-shoulder see-through top, her white bra is almost exposed. She is now seated on the bed wearing nothing. Her small tits and hardened nipples are exposed as she massages them while staring directly at the camera. Katsuni’s hands slowly trail down her body until she reaches her pussy. She strokes her clit with one finger as she thrusts her middle finger into her pussy until it becomes wet. She brings her finger, still wet with her juices into her mouth and licks them off. Katsuni sexily walks to the person holding the camera. His big dick is already out so she hurriedly kneels down on the floor and begins sucking the tip of the penis. From your POV, you can stare at her eyes directly while she licks and deepthroats the man’s big cock. She gives him a blowjob until the big dick hardens. Katsuni is now lying on the bed with her legs bent and spread wide enough to see her stretched pussy. The man slowly enters her pussy, feeling her pussy open up and adjust to his size. He fucks her in the missionary position. Katsuni loves the sensation so much that she ends up touching her breasts as she loudly moans. Katsuni and the man then transfer to the floor with her on top of him. She gently guides his big hard cock inside her pussy and as it hits the right spot, Katsuni rides him like crazy in the cowgirl position. His dick throbbed. He knows that he is about to come. The man position Katsuni on all fours and fucks her in doggy-style until he reaches his peak. He pulls his dick out and puts it inside her mouth. He fucks her mouth until her orgasms. Katsuni suddenly has a facial as he releases his cum all over her face.


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