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Jasmine Byrne


He reads it in the newspaper. An ad for some service catches his eye. The woman on the picture has her birthday suit on. Even with clothes, Jasmine Byrne’s body screams lust. So her ordered this specific service for his own entertainment. This Latina brunette chick is gonna be fucked with POV treatment. She slowly undresses herself starting from the bottom. Interesting. This reveals her nice ass and shaved pussy. She eventually takes off her top to reveal the remaining goods. What’s more efficient method to examine her than touching it himself, right? He did exactly that. Once done with that, he pulls out his dick and has her lick and suck the little man. She even made sure that she reached even the nuts. Moving on, she lies down on the bed and spreads her legs for some good fucking. He pours enough force for them to enjoy the moment. She eventually shifts her position from that to bending over. After some time, the guy lies on the floor and let her do her thing with his dick. Every time they shift their gears, Jasmine makes sure to lick the dick clean as a nice transition. But the fun is not over yet. Jasmine once again bends over to offer up her asshole for some fuck which he gladly accepted. He was gracious enough to fuck the two holes in front of him alternately. Jasmine synchronizes her body with it and flips to her back and her legs in the air. This made her holes look really tight. This willing slut gets what’s coming for her, or rather, what’s cumming for her. As he nears his end, she kneels down and extracts the cum out of his balls. He jacks off that dick with an occasional sucking and licking to give some comfort. He pours his milky white appreciation into her mouth and made her swallow all of it.


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