Demi Marx Fuck Me Eyes


Demi Marx


Demi Marx coyly smiles at the camera wearing a lavender spaghetti-strapped blouse and black shorts, too short that her ass cheeks are almost showing. From the camera’s point of view, her legs are shown standing near the bed. She is almost ready to take off her clothes. Demi starts her strip show for the camera. She happily dances in front of the camera as she takes her clothes off one by one. She starts off with her shorts, pushing it down to the floor. She sexily walks to the person seated behind the camera and grabs his big dick. Demi stares directly into the camera as she licks the tip of his penis before putting the full-length member inside her mouth. She continues giving him a blowjob until the dick is fucking hard. From your POV, Demi Marx is now lying on the bed, both of her arms are raised. As the camera pans down to her pussy, a big hard cock is already inside her, fucking her in the missionary position. Her pussy is not yet wet so she continues to pleasure herself by stroking her clit as he fucks her. Demi and her man move to the floor. He lies on the floor as she positions herself on top of him, riding his big hard cock in the cowgirl position. The two then proceeded to anal sex. The man positions Demi on the edge of the bed, bending her upper body. He slowly thrusts his big hard cock inside her tight ass hole. He fucks her from behind in doggy-style until he is ready to orgasm. He pulls his dick out. Demi Marx sucks his dick once more until he orgasms and releases inside her mouth. She shows off the warm cum in front of the camera before she happily swallows it.


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