Bree Olson's Tight Asshole Fucked


Bree Olson shows off her slut tendencies by seducing the man behind the camera. This blonde is not good at keeping her feelings in check. Even at the start, she just went straight for his big dick. She starts bobbing her head with the cock inside her mouth with incredible passion. Now, this simple act incites something inside the man. He felt it’s just right for him to give the girl some chance to prove herself to be pleasurable. So he brings his dick game up a notch and starts fucking Bree right in her pussy. As any gentleman would do, he didn’t give much mercy and gentleness when he started. Bree don’t want that weak shit. She needs something that can keep her going for a long time. This slut has too much to offer to be just stuck at her pussy. So the man tries expanding his horizon by fucking her two mounds she calls tits. Those big tits are pretty great, to be honest. It’s just overlooked in the first part since her cunt is so inviting. So he brings his dick over to her chest and made a sandwich. Not your regular sandwich— it’s actually made of fat dick in between huge tits. As it peers through that gap, Bree takes time to lick the tip of it to give it a little sauce. A classic titty fucking. Now that he’s explored those amazing tits, he thinks it’s only natural to give Bree a good anal fuck. It’s not like she’s against it. Anal for Bree might come off as unusual. But this won’t really matter because she’ll be moaning in pleasure after the first few seconds. When the man is finished fucking Bree’s ass in POV, he delivered his produce inside her mouth. Bree swallowed the whole load with a smile.


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