Zoey Monroe: POV My Asshole!


POVPerverts gets another hell of a visitor in their yard. This time, it’s Zoey Monroe. She’s a blonde beauty with a lusty natural body and she wants it fucked hard. The guy is nice enough to grant her request and give it some more. Something kickass or in this case, fuckass. Zoey gets everyone on board when she was outside at the yard. She plays with her best bits and slowly reveals her shaved pussy and nice tits for show. Apparently, it was enough as she gets invited inside to get the real thing going on. She goes on all fours in his living room to show how beautiful her fuck holes are. The guy now sits down and Zoey crawls towards his dick. When she gets close enough, she starts slurping and sucking every inch of his dick and his nuts. Zoey eventually goes back on all fours but she has something else in mind. She faces the other way and starts offering up her fuck holes. He knows this and comes over. He sticks his dick out and starts fucking that hole she call ass hard. Zoey alternately sucks and fucks at this point. Moving on, Zoey wants this dick go all the way in her ass so she stands up and starts riding his cock. Again, Zoey goes on an alternate act of getting fucked and sucking that dick. She just flips her body around to show the guy how fuckable her body is in every angle. This goes on for a really long time until the guy had felt the need to cum. He made Zoey suck his dick for one last time until a huge load of cum covered her mouth. Zoey is an outstanding cum slut as she swallowed them all even if no one asked.


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