Amy Reid Big Natural Tits Anal Perfection


Amy Reid


The scene opens with with Amy Reid smiling at the camera. She has full makeup on and is wearing sexy baby blue lingerie. She shows off her natural big ass to the camera and faces the camera again. She teases as she slowly takes both her bra and panties off. From your point of view, Amy who is now fully naked can be seen. She starts touching herself as she patiently waits for the guy’s next move. She licks her nipples and inserts her middle finger into her tight pussy. She then takes her finger into her mouth and sucks off the juice from her pussy that is now soaking wet. As she turns her back to the camera and shows off her ass cheeks, a hairy hand reaches out and grabs her ass cheeks. He then reaches out for her big natural tits, massaging her nipples until they harden. The next scene cuts into Amy lying on the bed, deepthroating a big cock. Amy and her sex partner then move to the couch from the bed. The man sits on the couch while she kneels on the carpeted floor. She grabs the big cock and takes its full length member inside her mouth. She gives him a blowjob until it is hard enough for some rough sex. In your POV, it is shown that a big hard cock is being thrusted into Amy’s wet and tight pussy. The guys is now fucking Amy’s pussy in the missionary position. The two then transfer to the carpeted floor as she rides his big cock hard in the cowgirl position. They later on went back to bed as he humps her pussy hard in the doggy-style position. Amy and her sex partner now proceed on the bed for some rough anal sex. He gently thrusts his big hard cock inside her tight asshole fucking her in the missionary position as she adds pleasure by rubbing and pinching her clit. The guy fucks her hard in the doggy-style position until he reaches his peak. From your POV, you now see Amy Reid getting fucked in the mouth until he orgasms. He then releases his warm load all over her face.


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