Alicia Rhodes Blonde Anal Destruction


Alicia Rhodes


Alicia Rhodes is ready to be fucked again and we’ll be seeing it in another POV action which is one of the best ways to have a closer look on this big tittied slut. Being a blonde with big tits is not an easy burden to handle. It’s like asking to be constantly fucked by random dudes and exactly the reason she’s here today. But in this case, she’s the one who’s asking for it. While sporting very thin clothing and just pumps, she tempts the man behind the camera to fill both her holes with his huge dick. The man happily complied with her humble request. She knows the fact that the man has a huge dick too well. Hence, making her stop and just kneel down to suck the living shit out of it. It’s not a surprise that she knows how to handle this; she’s done this many times before. This time, it’s like walking in the park for her. A usual afternoon tea time, per se. She cycles from taking it balls-deep into her cunt to a deep throat. But it seems that it’s not enough for her. So what she did is, she lies down and asks the man to put it in her ass this time. We’ve never heard a man who refused to this before so he did it like it’s the most casual thing to do these days. And he went hard. There’s no space for being gentle when you’re fucking Alicia Rhodes. After a while, the man decides to finish up by giving her a facial. Alicia’s enthusiasm made everything better this time. She willingly let him spread it all over her face and swallow some leftovers. We like to think that should be how girls should show their appreciation for the man’s hard work.


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