Vicki Chase is a Beautiful Anal Slut


Vicki Chase


Apparently, POVPerverts found an Asian slut prancing around their yard. Being professionals they are, they dealt with it with the way they know best— one of the guys will get this chick inside their house and fuck her brains out. There’s no plan B. She goes by the name of Vicki Chase. An Asian slut with nice tits and ass with a bush will be dealt with momentarily. But first, the guy reaches out and starts inspecting her body some light touching to a light finger fucking. After that, he invites this vixen inside the house to do it all the way. Vicki makes the guy have some blue balls first before getting fucked. She sits there in the coach and grabs a toy to play with herself for a bit. After a while, Vicki goes on all fours. The guy was nice enough to use some lube before entering her insides. He opens a bottle and showers it all over her ass. He rubs it all over and starts penetrating her tight ass. Vicki’s butt cheeks shake in every movement he did. Maybe that bubble butt meant. Moving on, Vicki makes the guy sit down. Turns out, she wants the whole thing inside her mouth and have it make her gag a few times. She actually get what she wants and does something even better afterwards. She uses her awesome tits to stick it in between and give it a good old titty fucking. She eventually get back on get fucked by it when she stops slurping and starts riding it. Vicki bounces around until she felt the need to bend over and have her ass fucked from behind. She eventually turned over to show the guy how awesome her tits are. This went on until the guy can’t resist the sensation anymore. For the finale, the guy had this Asian slut suck it and use her tits to have the cum go burst in her mouth.


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