Sheena Ryder POV PAWG Anal Ride


Sheena Ryder is a Puerto Rican/Greek mix beauty with small, natural tits, and a nice, round ass. She shakes her ass outside in the tiniest mini skirt you’ve ever seen, the dogs can be heard barking at this bodacious fucking babe. She jiggles and bounces her phat beautiful ass for me, and I just can’t wait to be inside of her. She shows me the rest of her banging body, her landing strip leading down to her tight pussy, and her lovely small tits, I can’t believe I get to fuck her. We get inside the house and Sheena has sat me down on the couch, her on her knees and she licks my cock from head to base and down to my balls, putting each one of my nuts in her mouth and licking them all about. She tries to fit my whole cock in her mouth, but I warned her that it would be difficult, I’m too big for her cute small mouth, she gags, and chokes, she laughs embarrassed, but she tries again and again, feels so fucking good. She keeps stroking me and sucking every inch of my cock and balls, I wanna cum in her mouth right now, but I can’t do that, I need to feel how that tight pussy and asshole feel on the inside. I make her bend over doggystyle on the ottoman and ram my cock in her tight pussy, she gasps and moans at my thick cock, her pussy is so fucking tight and wet, its perfect. She gets off my cock to get a taste of her pussy and licks her juices off of me before begging me to fuck her tight pink pussy again. But I want to see if my thick cock will fit in her asshole, I lube her up and slide my cock in her tight ass, she gives a little squeak and has to stop a bit to get used to my huge dick, she is astounded at how much her asshole is being stretched. Slowly she strokes my cock with her tight asshole, scared that she might pass out. I fuck her and ravage her tight little asshole as she screams out for God to help her, but there is no one to help here. Finally, I give her asshole a break and make her taste it by sucking my cock, she looks and sucks me off with brand new eyes. She takes my cock for another ride, slowly shoving me in her ass, she screams, shrieks and moans at the newfound pleasure I’ve given her. I destroy her asshole a couple of more times in different positions and finally I blow my hot load on her face, she smiles up at me, her new conqueror.


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