Gabriella Paltrova is Fucked Up Her Tight Little Ass


What’s more beautiful than Gabriella Paltrova walking around your backyard with her sexy two-piece ready to fuck? That’s right, nothing. She teases the fuck out of the curious onlookers. Our man behind the camera receives the invite. He takes off her tops, reveal those tits and starts grabbing them ever so lightly. She even bends over to show him where he’ll be going in later. They take their business inside the house. The tiny piece of clothing didn’t make any sense for moments since he effortlessly takes it off. She is now bending over to receive his cock. She wraps her tight pussy around his big dick starts pumping. He plays with her cute ass while power fucking the shit out of Gabriella. This is actually a soft introduction for his toy. He then lubricates this artificial dick by shoving it into her mouth. She knows what’s coming. He embeds this toy inside her ass and making her shake for excitement and anticipation. Our man knows how to treat her right. He let her pussy take a little breather but his dick needs a constant stimulation. So he asks the girl to suck on it. She not only sucked on it, she also took the initiative to suck his balls and give a little tit job. At this point, she goes on top of him. She let herself go this time. She asks him to fuck him in the ass this time. She bends over to give him a better view. They cycled from this to blowjobs so it’s safe to say that he utilized the dirty slut efficiently. This is one of the best parts of having it in POV, we will now see Gabriella beg for the cum. Upon kneeling over, she sucked the cum out of his dick making it drip on her mouth and some of it on her chin.


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